Value Packs

The Optus range of business plan extras and Add Ons, enable you to tailor your business plan to your individual business needs. These simple additions to your existing business mobile phone plan enable you extend the business use of your phone. For example, the business international value packs enable you to get better value if you call or text overseas often. Or the Bridge alliance Data Roaming pack, allows you to access data on your mobile device anywhere in the Asia Pacific region.

Business Roaming Packs

Increase your calling value when you travel overseas, with a range of packs to suit your travel plans.

Business International Value Packs

Increase your value when you call or text overseas, without the need for a separate international calling card.

Bridge Alliance for Data Roaming

Access mobile Internet when you roam across Asia Pacific, with a range of capped plans to suit your needs.

Business Voice To Text

Choose to receive your VoiceMail converted into text and and sent to you as SMS.

Business Voice To MMS

Choose to receive your VoiceMail sent to you as MMS.

Mobile Data Packs

Access mobile broadband, with a Mobile Data pack.

Business Extras

124 Yes

Optus 124YES is a directory assistance service that connects you straight through to the number you want to call within Australia.

Business Group Call

Group call is a feature form Optus that allows you to hold a conference with up to 5 other parties at the same time.

Not a business customer?

Terms and Conditions: Optus 3G dual band service is part of the Optus Open Network™ and refers to our UMTS2100MHz/900MHz coverage. Coverage available throughout the Open Network in 3G dual band areas subject to network availability. You will require an Optus 3G dual band compatible device to access the 3G dual band coverage, throughout the Optus Open Network™. A number of factors may affect coverage including location, demand on the network and use of external antenna. When within a 3G dual band coverage area, your call or data session may also access the GSM/GPRS network if your handset supports GSM/GPRS 900MHz Click here for full coverage information.